SYNAPSE: The MIT Biotech Report

In our lifetimes the world will be fundamentally changed by engineering biology. We believe many of the important advances of the 21st century will belong to biotechnology, and much if it is happening right here in Boston just outside the gates of MIT.

Synapse: The MIT Biotech Report releases biweekly news and analysis on biotech, written for students with advanced training in life sciences.

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Peter Freese


As a PhD candidate at the MIT Computational & Systems Biology, Peter combines high throughput sequencing and novel computational techniques to understand the roles of RNA-binding proteins in gene expression and post-transcriptional gene regulation. 

Norman Wozniak


Norman Wozniak is a former chemical engineer with an MBA. He creates web designs and brand identities. Norman handles the communication and design of the reborn biology DIY space of Boston BosLab. He also direct for theater.

Anya Roberts


Anya is a Bioengineering PhD candidate studying how cancer cells spread through the body.

Sebastian Palacios


Sebastian is a PhD candidate at MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Area I: Biomedical Sciences and Engineering), the MIT Neurobiological Engineering Training Program (NBETP), and the Harvard-MIT Medical Sciences training program (GEMS). Sebastian is a developer of novel biological and electronic tools for applications in human health. 

Fiona Aguilar


Fiona is a Biology PhD student at MIT whose research focuses on characterizing protein-protein interactions involved in cell death.

Rosanna Zhang


Rosanna is an undergraduate at MIT studying computational biology and management. She uses bioinformatics techniques to understand cellular processes and diseases. She had worked in several tech startups and entrepreneurial projects and is interested in bridging the gap between scientific discovery and real world application.


Tony Kulesa


Tony is a PhD candidate at MIT Biological Engineering and the Broad Institute, where he builds technologies to accelerate early stage drug discovery. He has served 4 years as a Communications Fellow at the MIT BE Communications lab.

Raphaël Laurenceau


Microbiologist, Postdoc researcher at MIT, Raphaël is also a co-organizer at BosLab, the biohacking space of Boston.